Small protest in Albany; dozen arrested

Given what’s been happening in Madison and Indianapolis – and given the depth and breadth of Governor Cuomo’s proposed budget cuts – Albany’s being watched closely as a hotspot for protests of those cuts.

The first happened today. Here’s the report we just got from our capitol reporter Karen Dewitt:

Shortly after 12:30 pm, around 150 members of the group VOCAL New York gathered at the main entrance to the Capitol and began to chant. They unfurled banners and used them to block all of the entrances to the Capitol hallways, including the escalators. After around half an hour, the police began arresting those blocking the entry ways. The groups include Community Voices Heard, Picture the Homeless, and Queers for Economic Justice. The groups work with the poor, homeless and those with HIV and AIDS.
Around a dozen were arrested. Governor Cuomo was not at the Capitol, he was in New York City.  The groups are advocating for a continuation of the millionaire’s tax, affordable housing, and for “taking steps to address the growing income divide in the state”.

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10 Comments on “Small protest in Albany; dozen arrested”

  1. Pete Klein says:

    Maybe the Gov was in NYC to take a time out?

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  2. scratchy says:

    What happens when all the rich leave NY to escape taxes?

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  3. tootightmike says:

    What happens when all the rich leave the US to escape whatever?

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  4. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    As I understand it this was not the first protest. There was a rally on Saturday in solidarity with Union workers.

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  5. Pete Klein says:

    Why would the rich leave the USA when taxes are higher in most other countries?

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  6. Carmen says:

    The majority of New Yorkers are low to moderate income families who work and pay taxes. The Millionaire’s tax generates billions of dollars for New York and it can help lessen the blow of major cuts that will affect the most vulnerable citizens of this state, our children and the elderly. In all reality is unfair to remove important services to all New Yorkers and in the same token stop a tax that supplements those same services to benefit the most wealthy who don’t have to suffer the unfortunate woes of the poor and middle class families. There must be a balance which includes reasonable budget cuts and taxes. MILLIONAIRES MUST PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE!!!! NO MORE TAX BREAKS!!! The majority of New Yorkers that made this city what it is ARE NOT RICH!!! AND WE’RE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!

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  7. Mervel says:

    They don’t leave the US the move to Florida.

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  8. It's All Bush's Fault says:

    How much should the millionaires pay? How much should any of us pay? What percentage of every dollar that you earn should be confiscated by the gov’t in the form of taxes?

    We had this conversation over Sunday dinner and no one seemed willing to offer a percentage. We (my spouse and I) happen to be in the 25% tax bracket. 25% seems like an OK number. Some may say it’s too low and some may say it’s too high. In the end, if 25% is my number, I don’t know that I could, in good conscience, tell someone making more than me that their share should be higher. I guess I lack the class envy that is necessary to do that.

    I believe that I pay my fair share. Others may not agree.

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  9. Pete Klein says:

    I feel sorry for anyone who would move to the flat, hot state of Florida.
    There are only two reasons I would ever go down there. To see the Everglades and see some good looking girls in skimpy bikinis on the beach.
    It’s All Bush’s,
    I wish I were in the top bracket. If I were, I would not complain about paying a higher tax because if I were in the top bracket I would still have more money than I would know what to do with.
    I don’t want a house that would take more than one hour for me to clean. I don’t want any toys for adults. I don’t like to go out to dinner. Expensive cars won’t get me to where I want to go any faster than a low priced car and shopping is such a drag.

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  10. Bret4207 says:

    Bush, you forgot something, you forgot all the the other taxes you pay. Add in state taxes, county taxes, school taxes, gas taxes, electricity taxes, sales taxes, excise taxes, corporate taxes, tanning taxes, taxes on booze/smokes, death taxes, and all the hidden taxes you are paying for someone else. I’ve seen estimates that say somewhere between 40-45% of our earnings go to taxes, a few say it’s actually much higher than that, up in the 55% area. I don’t know which is correct or how I would try and figure things. But the issue is much larger than just the Federal Income tax.

    People seem to forget the Gov’t at any level has no money of it’s own. Gov’t is a zero gain proposition at best. Anything gov’t does someone pays for via a tax. Once you grasp that simple concept it put things in a whole new light. Why is it right for me to take from someone else if I give nothing in return? Why is it right for someone else to take from me if I don’t receive something of equal value in return? If more people had an ethical quandary with those simple questions I think we’d have a different system. I can support funding Gov’t, but not an excessive gov’t or to fund wasteful spending habits that are really nothing more than bribes to secure votes.

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