Morning Read: Another North Country school closes

Earlier this winter, we reported on the plan to close the Lake Colby school in Saranac Lake.  Now the Glens Falls district has unveiled plans to mothball the Sanford Street Elementary.  This from the Glens Falls Post Star.

Thomas McGowan, superintendent of schools, recommended closing an elementary school and moving the fifth-graders to the middle school.

Then he recommended closing Sanford Street, which instantly drew a sigh of shock from the audience.  Residents remained silent as the board went on to approve the recommendations.

“This has been a truly excruciating process to go through. This is something that is not easy for anyone,” McGowan said as he made his recommendations.

One tough and perplexing aspect of Glens Falls’ enrollment decline is that it’s happening at a time when the city’s economy is fairly robust.   Read the full article here and as always your comments are welcome below.

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  1. tootightmike says:

    Isn’t it interesting that this headline appears on the very same day as the one about our leaders starting a new war. It’s time for the people in this region, this state, this country to say NO! The economy is beginning it’s recovery…How will another round of layoffs help?
    How many dollars would have made the difference in Saranac Lake? By contrast, how much did it cost to send aircraft and ships to Libya? How many bombs, at what cost each, did we drop yesterday? What kind of price was on the window sticker of the plane that went down? What’s the going price for a Hellfire missle these days?
    It’s not those terrible public employees that have caused our problems…not those evil school teachers…not even those Bozos in Albany. It’s not the retirees and pensioners who worked and paid their taxes, and it’s not the sick or the poor who have caused these sad shortfalls.
    Yes, our government has a spending problem, but not the sort they’re telling us.

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