Scozzafava takes new role in North Country as APA commissioner

(Correction:  Chris Morris at WNBZ writes to tell me that Scozzafava first took her seat on the APA board at last month’s meeting in February.)

Last week, former North Country Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava made her debut appearance in a new role:  Adirondack Park Agency commissioner.

Scozzafava was appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo last year to serve as Deputy Secretary for Local Government at the Department of State.

DOS has a seat on the APA board and at the March meeting Scozzafava was there representing her agency.

In that capacity, she’ll have the chance to cast some big votes in coming months as the Park Agency takes on issues that include the Adirondack Club and Resort permit.

She’ll also give the keynote address tomorrow at the APA’s Local Government Day in Lake Placid.

Scozzafava served as a Republican and was popular inside her district, but she clashed with national conservatives during a bid for the NY-23 House seat.

She later endorsed Democratic candidates, including Rep. Bill Owens and Gov. Cuomo.

During last week’s meeting, Scozzafava asked a series of questions about how to prepare appropriately for the Big Tupper resort vote, which could come as early a late summer.

One other interesting factor is that Scozzafava, a former village mayor in Gouverneur, brings another “local government” perspective to the panel.

She’ll serve on the APA’s Local Government Services committee.

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14 Comments on “Scozzafava takes new role in North Country as APA commissioner”

  1. Pete Klein says:

    Just remember this.
    Local government day is for the politicians and the environmentalists but is not open to the general public unless you feel like paying big bucks to hear them talk at each other.

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  2. Which One am I says:

    Pete: Is Local Government Day for Local Government? I am on my town zoning board and need to attend this or another LOCAL GOVERNMENT Day in order to meet my required training hours. Maybe they should rename it to avoid confusing people. Maybe: ‘Day for Local Government’ or ‘Day for people in Local Government’. Keynote speakers and the like are just bells an whistles, most people attend because they have to. If you are going for the fun of it you need help.

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  3. Bret4207 says:

    Nothing against Deedee but this is another case of putting someone in a position within the Park Agency who isn’t from within the Blue Line. I’m sure she’ll do a fine job, but a former Mayor from outside the Park just doesn’t have the view someone from within the Park would.

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  4. Brian Mann says:

    Bret – For what it’s worth, Scozzafava’s old Assembly district, the 122nd, does include a fair number of communities inside the Park.

    Brian, NCPR

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  5. david houghton says:

    Bret just FYI the APA act requires that 5 commissioners be residents of the Park, and three be from outside the Park. Not politics or anything else here, just meeting the requiremnets of the law.

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  6. Paul says:

    Bret, I grew up in Saranac Lake. Sure we would have considered her to be someone from outside the park but where she is from is close enough. I think that someone from just outside the park where she lives in the NC is going to be pretty keen on what the Adirondacks needs are.

    I think that many folks from inside the park would look at her as even more in tune with things than an “in the park” guy that has retired to a big house on the shore of upper Saranac.

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  7. Pete Klein says:

    Which One,
    I fully understand the problem you face and the question might be: is this another unfunded mandate?
    I know some good comes out of meetings like this for people in your position but does the benefit cover the cost?

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  8. new life to APA says:

    D. Scozzafava has shown in the past her honesty and thoughts about the north country by not putting party politics first. She has been involved with past ventures by the state on park lands and knows the outcome after time and how they impacted the people. She will do a good job.

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  9. Just be careful if she starts putting up Wizebuy stores in the area, Politics at work here.

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  10. scratchy says:

    I think Scozzafava will be more reasonable than some of the current commissioners.

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  11. Mervel says:

    Its a good job, Aubertine got a good job also. I like both of them but it does shed a little light into the revolving door.

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  12. jon says:

    there goes all credibility of the APA. HAVE FUN WITH YOUR NEW COMISH ‘DACKERS!!!!

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  13. Bret4207 says:

    Paul, I grew up in the Park and now live just outside Gouverneur. I know Deedee socially. She’s a nice, capable lady. But she’s not “from” the Park.

    I see it meets the requirements of the law, the law that guarantees the Parks residents will not be the sole deciders of their fate.

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  14. Paul says:

    “But she’s not “from” the Park. ” Bret, hers is not considered and “in the park” seat is it?

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