Hey buddy! Are you in or out?

Okay In Boxers.  We’re halfway to our goal.  $105,000 on day one of our drive.  That is, in a word, amazing.

But there’s a lot of heavy lifting still ahead.

Heavy lifting, that is, unless a lot of you put your shoulder to the cart and push us up the hill.  Giving to NCPR is incredibly easy, affordable, and it’s the right thing to do.

Just use your cell phone to text the message “NCPR” to this phone number: 85944.

A $10 charge will turn up on your next phone bill.  And just like that, you’re part of a community.

Sometimes that means more than words, more than commenting.   It means putting some of your own value and sweat on the line.

If you’re not a texter, you can pledge just easily — at any amount — by calling 1-877-388-6277.


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  1. Ellen Rocco says:

    Hey, Brian…I think your In Boxers are all contributors. Good going. Thanks.

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