TODAY is Shortsleeves Independence Day (Send us your photos)

This is the In Box’s first effort at activism, a trial run at hoisting the banner of protest.

Tomorrow, I am officially declaring as Shortsleeves Independence Day across the North Country.

No matter how much snow falls, or how hard the wind blows, or how much ice is caked on my car window, I will wear shortsleeves  tomorrow.

I challenge all of you proud In Boxers to join me.

Lay bare those pasty-white guns!  Show off your halibut-colored forearms!  Throw off the sleet and shivers of March with a display of April casual wear!

Spring is here, dammit!  Together we will cast our sweaters and our flannels and our layers of fleece into the darkness (of the storage closet,  that is).

We will show the sun that we, no less than the crocuses buried in the yard, demand a little love and respect.

It’s time to show a little skin, folks.  If you are brave enough to join me in seasonal solidarity, snap a picture and sent it to NCPR.

We plan a centerfold edition of the In Box with particularly sexy arms, bared and bold for spring.


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  1. Jim Bullard says:

    Based on the forecast Wednesday would be the better day for your campaign. I confess though that I’ve already had several mornings when getting dressed that I really wanted to put on shorts and a tee shirt.

  2. Bret4207 says:

    Radicals! They’re everywhere. What’s next? Going sans bug dope between ice out and July 4th???!!! Have you no shame??!!!

  3. Pete Klein says:

    Sorry but as far as I’m concerned, it can snow right on through the summer.
    It won’t. Don’t worry.
    But being a male chauvinist pig, I believe shorts are only for women with great legs. Guys shouldn’t wear shorts. Short sleeves are okay only if it is really warm. Last, guys shouldn’t be allowed to go topless unless women can go topless.

  4. Mark, Saranac Lake says:

    Ya know Brian, for a guy from Alaska I woulda figured you would get when spring gets around to this neck of the woods… I don’t consider t-shirts until AT LEAST after the first of May and there are even years when that is a stretch! I remember arriving for my SUMMER job at Massawepie Scout Camps near Childwold during the first week of May… in a blizzard… and we started work the next day with 6 inches of snow on the ground… did I say that was for my SUMMER job?

  5. Brian says:

    Mark – I think it’s my gardening lust. When I didn’t care about digging in the dirt, I didn’t care if it kept snowing. But there were a couple of days last week when I was actually out weeding. Now I’m shaking my fist at the skies…


  6. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    The Shortsleeves Family has a long history in the region. It is very sad for me to hear that they have been incarcerated.

  7. Walker says:

    Brian, I consider this to be an irresponsible challenge to Mother Nature. Wouldn’t surprise me a bit if the weather significantly underperforms the already chilly forecast for tomorrow in response to your reckless bravado. It’s not wise to make such commitments!

  8. BeetRed says:

    This is powerful magic and I’ve tried my usual remedy, cooking up a big pot of soup. Ordinarily this results in warm sunny days so that eating soup is unthinkable. Do I need to make a chilled yogurt soup followed by an ice cream dessert? Will this appease Mother Nature? Lurking at the back of my mind is this: The Tupper Lake Snow Dance back in January. We need a counterdance. In honor of the upcoming Daffest, it could be a Daffy Dance. The Lawn Chair Ladies could join forces with the Waterhole Sock Puppet monkeys and some Can-Am rugby players, then maybe Spring will truly arrive. Or not. Help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

  9. tootightmike says:

    We were splitting wood in tee shirts way back in February. The average daytime temperature in the sugarhouse was 78 degrees, so we’ve had a small chance to work on our tan already. Being pigheaded about the weather only provides entertainment for the rest of us.
    True short sleeves weather comes the first of may which makes it easier to keep the blackflies fed.

  10. Bret4207 says:

    I was out on the pasture searching for fresh dropped lambs and chasing down some errant horses yesterday. I remembered this post and realized I was wearing darn near every piece of clothing I owned and still was close to shivering. The on;y time I was actually warm was when I got between 2 competing horses destined for the same gate- but that was just adrenalin!

    Maybe you should postpone this for a month of 3 Brian…

  11. Pete Klein says:

    Just remember, the shorter the shirtsleeves and the shorter the shorts, the more the blackflies love you.

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