Yes, it’s a Bobblehead

Here’s just a fun thing. The Curt Stager Honorary Bobblehead…unveiled at the Paul Smith’s VIC during an evening honoring our favorite climate change author Saturday night. Kind of really looks like him, doesn’t it? And remember, the head DOES bobble!

The college hosted a reception and talk with Curt to recognize his new book Deep Future. He and I have been recording Natural Selections (formerly Field Notes)  for over 20 years, and still having fun with them. If you’ve enjoyed those conversations, you’ll appreciate the book’s exploration of the long term implications of climate change. Welcome to the Anthropocene…

Paul Smith’s College is developing its plans for the former Visitor Interpretive Center just up the road from the campus’s main gate. It’s now known as just the “VIC” after New York State’s departure. Brian McDonnell, longtime director of the Adirondack Canoe Classic fame,  is taking charge.

The facility is a great one, with a little auditorium off an open, Adirondack-y main lobby big enough for a reception or party. Lots of big windows look out on the woods and downhill towards a big marsh. There are trails too, miles of them, plus another big windowed room with tables for snacking or workshops, and gallery spaces. The Adirondack Center for Writing will have its headquarters there; we’ll report on the changes in management at this VIC, and the one in Newcomb, in the next couple of weeks.

It isn’t clear how the college’s efforts to bring more community involvement here to what was a state-operated facility will go. But Saturday night was a great start.


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