Adirondack Life explores resort question

I linked to this on my blog entry this morning, but wanted to offer an easier route for people to check out Adirondack Life’s article about the Adirondack Club and Resort project in Tupper Lake and the Front Street development in North Creek.

Their article was written (completely independently — I had no idea they were working on a piece) by Albany Associated Press reporter Michael Hill.

“I think it’s going to be nicer than Lake Placid,” [developer Tom] Lawson said over the hubbub of skiers at the Big Tupper base lodge this winter. “I think it’s going to be the place to be.”

Opposition to the long-brewing mega-project has been as fierce as the developers’ ambitions are grand. Critics fear the Adi­rondack Club could become a lasting liability for the very area it purports to save.

Check out the full article here.

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  1. Glenn L. Pearsall says:

    I would like to see the Tupper Lake project approved. That said, Brian has expressed accurately some very valid concerns regarding the financing of the project. History shows us (especially here in the Adirondacks) that good business ideas often fail due to inadequate cash flow and/or financing. The worst thing for Tupper Lake would be for the project to be approved but then fail half built. The best scenerio might be that the project is approved, but then is sold as an APA approved development to a company with more financial resources and marketing clout.

  2. James Lanthier Jr. says:

    Where did Michael get his notes from. Did he visit Tupper Lake?

  3. James Lanthier Jr. says:

    Another brief polite answer to this is “Yes they will come”. I dont want to talk down any other communities in the Adirondacks because they are all in my back yard, and I have respect for all the communities and all the people that live and work in them. They are all unique in thier own way. Tupper Lake is one of the most beautiful places to live in the world, located in some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Tupper lake is a beautiful, fairly big lake with a Magnificant view which will attract homebuyers from around the world. (This North Creek doesn’t have. What they have is the Hudson River. Thier village is beautiful, and they have more businesses than Tupper Lake right now. I’ve driven through there and I am very impressed.)One thing Tupper Lake is already lucky about is that Most of Tupper Lake is already owned by the state, and these portions will never be developed were not going to have to worry about hotels lineing the shoreline like on Mirror Lake in Lake Placid, or Lake George. Hopefully we do get some businesses like the Wawbeek Inn. These are the sort of thins that people want, along with all the other restraunts and businesses in town. And for anyone that doesn’t know, The town of Tupper Lake owns a World Class, one of the most beautiful 18 hole golf courses in the world at the foot of Mt. Morris “Big Tupper Ski area” overlooking Big Tupper Lake, and the village of Tupper Lake.

    Thank you for listening.

    Check out my facebook page, and you will learn a lot about Tupper Lake.

  4. James Lanthier Jr. says:

    I have read Mr. Hills story more than once. I have not found anything wrong with what he has written. This article covers both sides of the table. (Their is no propaganda in this article). Since this article was written and sent to the press prior to the March 16th hearing, It would have been impossible for him to understand the wide spread optimism and support from all the local and regional (Even beyond the Adirondacks) residents, business people, and politicians. If Mr. Hill could have just waited for next months Edition of Adirondack Life, he could have had a much more complete and enhanced article. Maybe the timing of this article was designed to correspond with this weeks hearings and other articles.

    I just have a few of questions out of curiosity to ask Mr. Hill… When is the last time that you have visited Tupper Lake?, How often do you visit Tupper Lake? Have you interviewed any local businesses?, and What is your outlook on our future economy in this country? Is it going to get worse or better?

    Here is a link where you can replay March 16th legislative hearing at the L.P. Quinn School. You may find this to be quite interesting.

  5. TuckerdOut says:

    Most of Tupper Lake is NOT already owned by the state. Very little of the town is owned by the state. Don’t know about easements but most of the open space is privately owned. Except for a few islands and some land way up north near Rollins Pond, the rest is privately owned. North Elba has a much much larger percentage of state owned land. I am not saying its good or bad and I don’t have an opinion that is informed enough to add any more to this discussion, I just wanted make a correction to James well written comments.

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