DOT road closure update

Updated 4/29 12:30 pm

Region 1

  • Lake Champlain Ferry between Essex, NY and Charlotte, VT is closed until further notice. Grand Isle, VT – Plattsburgh, NY & Chimney Pt., VT – Crown Pt., NY ferry crossings are still running as scheduled.
  • Rte 296 has alternating one way traffic due to culvert failure/sink hole. This closure is anticipated to be long term. Greene Co DOT has put in place temporary traffic signals at the site.
  • Route 418, from Thurman Station to Hudson River, Town of Thurman, Warren County, one-way alternating traffic due to flooding.
  • Route 8 in Wilmington Notch between Lake Placid and Wilmington down to single lane, flaggers present, due to water across the road surface.
  • Rte 9 has alternating one-way traffic due to flooding, from Rte 9N to Rte 73, Elizabethtown, Essex County.
  • Rte 28N is closed at Harris Lake rd in the Town of Newcomb, Essex County due to flooding.
  • Route 4 has one lane closed and is subject to alternating one way traffic between Wilber Road and River Road in Stillwater, Saratoga County due to flooding
  • Rte 9N between Rte 73and Ausable Forks closed due to flooding
  • Rte 28 between Hamilton County line and 28N one-way alternating traffic with flaggers

Region 2

  • Flooding on Rte 28 & 30 to the intersection of Rte 28N and 30 in Long Lake. Crews are on scene. NO TRUCK TRAFFIC. Detour in place for cars only.
  • CR 32 (River Street) closed to traffic due to flooding; Village of Oriskany
  • Rte 8 closed between Steuben Rd & N Gage Rd, Town of Deerfield due to flooding. Local detours in place.
  • Rte 8 closed between Route 28 in Poland-Herkimer County and Route 10 in Piseco-Hamilton County
  • Rte 28 closed from Hamilton Co Line to¬† Rte 28N Due to Flooding
  • Rte 28N from Blue Mountain Lake to the end of the Rte 28/Rte 30 overlap is closed due to flooding
  • Rte 12B is closed in both directions at Collage St in Clinton, Oneida County due to flooding.
  • Rte 12B is closed between Village of Hamilton and CR 77 in Hamilton, Madison County, due to flooding
  • Route 28 is closed between Fairfield and South Main St, Middleville, Herkimer County due to flooding
  • Rte 30 is closed in Hamlet of Long Lake between NY 28 & Rice Rd-Hamilton County due to flooding.
  • Rte 30 is closed between Rte 28N and the Adirondack Motel in Long Lake, Hamilton County, due to flooding
  • NY 922E (River St) closed between NY 69 & NY 49, Oriskiny, Oneida County, due to flooding
  • NY 5 closed in Kirkland between NY 5B & NY 223, Oneida County, due to flooding
  • Route 8 closed between Route 12 and Route 28, Town of Deerfield, Oneida Co.
  • NY 28 Bridge (Comstock Bridge) over W Canada Creek closed between Blue Rd & Gravesville Rd, Town of Trenton-Oneida County due to flooding
  • NY 922A (Mohawk St) closed between NY 6, Whitesboro & NY 49, Marcy, Oneida County, due to flooding
  • Rte 28 over West Canada Creek closed between Rte 29 and Rte 16, Village of Middleville, Herkimer County
  • Rte 28 is closed at intersection of Graves Rd in the Town of Russia, Herkimer County due to flooding.
  • Rte 28 is closed between White Creek Road and Village of Newport due to flooding.
  • Rte 922E (River St) closed between Rte 49 and Rte 6, Towns of Whitestone and Marcy, Oneida County flooding
  • Rte 30 reduced to single lane at Indian Lake/Lake Pleasant Town Line, NO TRUCKS ALLOWED flooding
  • Route 8 from Route 365 Intersection to Rt.10 closed due to flooding.

Region 7

  • Rte 3 CLOSED from Pleasant Ave to Santa Clara Ave town of Tupper Lake due to flooding, Franklin County
  • Rte 3 from Rte 30 to Dugal Rd alternating one way traffic town of Harrietstown due to flooding Franklin County

Bridge Closures:

  • Region 2: NY 28/29/169 Bridge over W Canada Creek closed due to flooding

Updated 4/29 10 am:

The Utica DOT office (Region 2) sent an update at 10 this morning. More roads closed, some re-opened. Here’s the list:

  • Route 8 is closed between Route 28 in Poland, town of Russia, Herkimer County and Route 10 in Piseco, town of Arietta, Hamilton County;
  • Route 921C (N. Genesee St) at the New York State Thruway, Oneida County.
  • Route 8 is closed between Route 12 and Route 28 in the town of Deerfield, Oneida County;
  • Route 8/28 bridge across West Canada Creek at the Oneida/Herkimer county line remains closed;
  • Route 28 over West Canada Creek is closed between Route 29 and Route 169 in the village of Middleville, Herkimer County;
  • Route 28 between the villages of Newport and Middleville, Herkimer County
  • Route 922E (River St) is closed between Route 49 and Route 69 in the towns of Whitestown and Marcy and the village of Oriskany in Oneida County;
  • Route 28N between Blue Mountain Lake and Long Lake, in the town of Long Lake, Hamilton County;
  • Route 30 in the Village of Long Lake, Hamilton County
  • Route 28 bridge (Comstock Bridge) over West Canada Creek at Blue Road, closed between Trenton/Russia town line and Putnam Road;
  • Route 922A (Mohawk St) between River Road, town of Marcy, and Route 69, town of Whitesboro.


  • Route 30 is reduced to a single lane at the Indian Lake/Lake Pleasant town line, Hamilton County, and no truck traffic is allowed.

Roads previously reported closed that have now been reopened include:

  • Route 28 between the villages of Poland and Newport, Herkimer County;
  • Route 5 is closed between Route 5B and Route 233 in town of Kirkland, Oneida County;
  • Route 315 between Route 12 and County Route 9 (Shanley Rd) in the town of Waterville, Oneida County;
  • Route 69 between Route 5A and Route 922A (Clinton St) in the villages of Whitesboro and Yorkville, Oneida County;
  • Route 168 east of Route 28 in the town of Mohawk, Herkimer County;
  • Route 412 in village of Clinton, Oneida County;
  • Route 921T (Genesee St.) over Sauquoit Creek in the town of New Hartford, Oneida County

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