Ignatieff resigns Liberal leadership

After disastrous results from yesterday’s election in Canada, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff stepped down this morning.

He made the announcement Tuesday morning in an emotional press conference – his team stood at the back of the room, some in tears – just hours after he watched the election returns, seeing his party go from 77 seats to 34 and losing official opposition party status to the NDP.

Here’s the rest of the Globe and mail story.

And the CBC.


2 Comments on “Ignatieff resigns Liberal leadership”

  1. Fred Goss says:

    The way a parliamentary system usually works, hard to see how he had any other choice.

  2. Lucy Martin says:

    Here’s more by the Star’s National Affairs columnist Linda Diebel on the Liberal Party’s precipitous electoral loss and Ignatieff’s resignation.

    Agree or disagree, with Diebel’s perspective, the analysis of an important election continues here in the Canadian press.

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