Morning Read: Lake Champlain program loses $1 million

The Burlington Free Press reported this week that one of the region’s biggest research and ecological watchdog institutions — the Lake Champlain Basin Program — will lose about $1 million in Federal funding next year.

The good news?  Leaders of the organization say they feared deeper cuts and say this reduction only returns them to 2009 levels.

“We are so pleased to have that level of support when federal budgets are under so much stress,” Basin Program Manager Bill Howland said. The $3 million allocation will allow his group to plug some of the holes punched in other lake programs by budget cuts at other federal agencies, he said.

The LCBP has a leading role in tackling phosphorous pollution in Lake Champlain, and has also been monitoring impacts to the lake from this spring’s mega-floods.  Read the full article here.

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  1. verplanck says:

    interesting. they just posted a job opening the other day. glad to see that they can still pay for the human resources needed. They do great work.

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