Sayward praises same-sex marriage vote; Little says vote was appropriate

Here’s the statement from Assemblywoman Teresa Sayward (R-Willsboro)

“Today the New York State legislature became the sixth state to legalize same-sex marriage.  I am proud to have been a part of the movement to bring equality to all loving couples in New York State.  I understand first hand the struggles gays, lesbians and their families have faced over the years.  History will record June 24 as the day New York State voted to end discrimination by granting same-sex couples the right to marry.”

State Sen. Betty Little, meanwhile, issued the following statment:

“I voted against the measure, but agreed with my conference that a vote needed to be taken.  We live in a representative democracy.  The citizens have a right to know where their representatives stand on this and any other issue.”

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5 Comments on “Sayward praises same-sex marriage vote; Little says vote was appropriate”

  1. amaredelectare says:

    Those Senators unable to look beyond their ignorance; who automatically follow the dictates of those in society enshrined in the wisdom of the past; who are chained to their instincts, will undoubtedly be unable to attain wisdom and remain unable to comprehend complex issues. Although they have been elected by a majority, their lack of specialized knowledge skews their very limited perspectives and destines a continuing superficial appearance of experience and knowledge all the while they fail to grasp at the underlying, enduring universal truths found outside of religious fables.

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  2. Pete Klein says:

    I don’t have any argument with how anyone voted on this issue. I take them at their word that they voted their conscience. I only wish they would vote their conscience more often.
    Some will argue that elected representatives should vote the way a majority of their constituents would have them vote. If that were the way it should be, why elect anyone to anything? Either we elect people who have a mind of their own or we end up electing mindless fools who don’t have an opinion of their own and have no goal other than being elected.

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  3. John Warren says:

    Betty Little’s vote was for bigotry, small-mindedness, and continued discrimination.

    I, for one, will be there to remind her of this vote when she claims the mantle of Martin Luther King during her annual appearance at the Martin Luther King Day parade in Glens Falls.

    What a hypocrite.

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  4. Rich says:

    Betty Little is a dinasour who needs replacing. She never does her homework on any issues and is totally out of touch with the majority of her constituents.

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  5. Lily says:

    John Warren is right. Little is a hypocrite. A divorced Catholic who thumps the bible and her Catholic faith as a foundaiton for her hateful, bigoted vote. She had a long relaitonship – out of wedlock – with another divorced Catholic, yet continues to preach to the rest of us as holier-than-thou. Hate is Hate, Betty. Bigotry has no place in today’s society, and certainly not in lawmaking. Your personal religious beliefs also have no place in lawmaking.

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