A big, nasty plant

And it’s another invader to boot. The New York conservation department made headlines today with its war on giant hogweed.

The DEC website shouts Do Not Touch This Plant! its sap can cause permanent scarring and blindness.  And it IS big — bigger than you. Fifteen feet tall or more. It’s a member of the carrot family, presumably a cousin of wild parsnip, which now crowds our roadsides with its yellow queen anne’s lace-like blossoms. ( Don’t touch it either.)

Photo: NYSDEC.

The DEC has a hotline for people who think they’ve identified the plant: 845-256-3111. No one is answering just now, and their mailbox is full. No wonder.

There’s a map of known giant hogweed patches  at the DEC page too. Mercifully, most of our listening area appears to be free of it for now, but Lewis and Jefferson counties apparently have infestations. The DEC says it’ll send a crew to control the invasive plant.

Remember: DON’T TOUCH!!


5 Comments on “A big, nasty plant”

  1. Walker says:

    “No one is answering just now, and their mailbox is full.”

    Maybe the hogweed has taken over the office. Should we send in a SWAT team? Could be there are DEC employees being held hostage there by the giant plants.

  2. Pete Klein says:

    What Little Shop of Horrors did this plant come from? Did it escape from an ocean ship coming down the St. Lawrence?

  3. stillin says:

    I think they should put up MOST WANTED posters and I am not kidding…if they posted those, with the picture, the warning and the hotline, they could nip it in the bud. I expect to get paid for my tip if they use it.

  4. Bret4207 says:

    Ay-yi-yi! Yeah Pete, Little Shop of Horrors indeed!

  5. Peter says:

    Can it be managed if it shows up in the Forest Preserve?

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