What families eat

Apropos of our series on the broad range of young farmers in this region, a friend sent a very interesting set of photos this morning, which Google tracked down to a Time.comĀ  photo essay, from the book Hungry Planet, showing what families from around the world eat in a week and what the week’s food costs them.(Sorry I can’t include a sample photo here, you’ll have to go to the link for that.)

The range is dramatic, the differences in diet are pretty stark. Lots of beverages in some of the photos!

What would a photo essay like this just with families from our own region look like? It would show personal tastes and family habits, of course, but there are also huge differences in food budgets, and the availability of food, even here.


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  1. adkthelm says:

    Loved the photos! Looks like MOST of the world eats whole foods.

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  2. Two Cents says:

    ..Alot of bottles of coca-cola in a few of those pictures, i’ll refrain from disparaging remarks..

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