Irene: “Worst I’ve ever seen”

We’re hearing dire reports of Irene’s effects from the eastern side of our listening area…Brian Mann started his morning in Westport (see below), spent a couple hours reporting in Keene (listen to our conversation in our news lineup) and has moved on to Lake Placid gathering tape and images.

The Boquet in full flood, downstream from the Rt 22 bridge in Wadhams, 8 a.m.,after the water had gone down considerably. There's usually 9-10 feet of clearance between the river and the power plant.

He’s describing rocky creeks jammed with debris, roads, houses and businesses devastated by flash flooding, bridges at risk,  most of this in areas just recovering from this spring record flooding.

We heard Vermont Public Radio’s Ross Sneyd on NPR this morning, talking about the effects of flooding the state emergency services director said was the worst he’s ever seen.

That’s exactly the phrase: “worst I’ve ever seen” I’m hearing from everyone I talk this morning. My brother, Matt Foley, has a little hydroelectric plant on the Boquet in Wadhams. That’s what he said this morning. He’s been there since 1976.

The NY Rt. 22 bridge in Wadhams is closed, covered in rocks and debris, and some of the pavement to the bridge is undermined. The fire department spent the night keeping diverting traffic. That scene must have been repeated on roads across the region.

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Gov. Cuomo is out this morning with steps folks should take immediately in terms of property losses and insurance claims.

He’s set up a hotline to the state Insurance Department: 800-339-1759. It’s open 8 to 8 “for as long as is needed.”

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5 Comments on “Irene: “Worst I’ve ever seen””

  1. Stacey Doyle says:

    One image from the Elizabethtown area of NY. Will be adding more from the Keene & Keene Valley area soon.

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  2. Neil Cowley says:

    Here are my photos developing from Keene Valley:

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  3. pcallaghan says:

    Crossed the Wadhams Bridge at 7:30pm and it was ripping, went down Rt 8 which had a bridge closed sign posted, went around a tree and crossed under 87(no entrance there), then ran parallel to 87on (unmarked) Boyle Rd to get onto 87 at exit 31 to head south.
    Had I not left then, I’d still be stuck in Willsboro.

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  4. pcallaghan says:

    I left on Sunday Eve.

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  5. robin kleingardner says:

    I was in tupper at the blue Jay Campground friday-Sunday, went back to my daughters apartment and left there at 1:00 in the afternoon, was raining heavy and windy. Made it to the area to turn toward Elizabeth Town due to road being washed out and was directed through Elizabeth Town, started off fine and then hit water crossing the road in about 4 area’s didnt think I was going to make it through the last section heading toward the Northway. I never prayed so hard to get to higher grounds. Finally on the Northway weather was nasty then when I got to the thruway to Southbound it was closed. Journey continued passing through area’s such as Schnectedy, Cobleskill was under water and my daughter and significant other kept telling me to find a room. Finally made it to Delhia and stayed the night , next day started through Margaretville and seen damage road closed and told to find a room. Finally went back to Downsville and was never so happy to see the Rockland House in Roscoe N.Y. My thoughts and prayers go out to all in the area’s hit so hard during this storm.

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