Keene health clinic sustains “significant” damage

This from the Adirondack Medical Center:
The Mountain Health Center in Keene, a member of Adirondack Health, sustained significant damage following Tropical Storm Irene on Sunday.
Patients scheduled for appointments in Keene were contacted throughout the day Monday, and will be accommodated at the Lake Placid Health Center, also a member of Adirondack Health.  All appointments scheduled for Keene will be honored, and the staff normally on hand at the Mountain Health Center will be available at the Lake Placid Health Center.
For questions about an appointment, please contact the Lake Placid Health Center at (518) 523-1717.
“This is a challenging time for residents throughout the region who have been affected by the storm,” said Joe Riccio, Communications Director for Adirondack Health.  “We will continue to make every effort to meet the health care needs of residents in the Keene area.”
Given the scope of damage, it will be several days before normal operations can resume at the Mountain Health Center.
While the ground floor and above of the structure is in sound condition, there was significant water damage in the basement area.  The telephone and information systems infrastructure, boiler system, hot water tank and main water supply line were located in the basement.  In addition to replacing damaged or destroyed equipment and connections, there will be the necessary clean-up work associated with extensive water damage.


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