Doheny makes it official in NY-23 race

Republican Matt Doheny has made it clear for a while now that he’s itching for a rematch with Democrat Bill Owens, who edged him following a bitter and complex three-way race two that included Conservative Doug Hoffman.

But now he’s officially in the race.  Here’s the statement released by Doheny’s camp:

“While my campaign may technically start today, I’ve been out listening to residents all over northern and Central New York since last November,” Doheny said.

“People continue to worry about our country’s lack of forward progress. We need good paying jobs. But President Obama and his allies continue to stifle growth by pushing an agenda that leads to higher taxes and bigger deficits. That just creates more burdens for both average Americans and for our future generations.”

Doheny, who grew up in Alexandria Bay and lives now in Watertown, will be running in a much friendlier climate this go-round.  Democratic standard-bearer Barack Obama is far less popular.

And Doheny will be hoping to avoid another fratricidal battle on the right. A key question will be whether he can woo back the Hoffman-Tea Party conservatives who opposed him last time.

The former Wall Street investment banker will also face a well-bankrolled Bill Owens, who has had a chance now to establish himself and stake out fairly centrist territory.

How centrist?  As recently as August, Owens — from Plattsburgh — was declining to endorse President Obama in the 2012 campaign.

Still, after seizing a Democratic stronghold in last week’s NY-9 special election to replace Anthony Weiner — and after performing strongly in much of upstate New York in 2010 — the GOP is sure to come on strong in this contest.

What do you think?  Another barnburner in NY-23?

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7 Comments on “Doheny makes it official in NY-23 race”

  1. Jim Bullard says:

    Do we even know if NY 23 will still be around? What’s the status on redistricting?

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  2. Pete Klein says:


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  3. PNElba says:

    Ok Matt, we’ve heard your criticism of President Obama. How about telling us what you would do to decrease unemployment. I bet I know the answer. Tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations and gutting environmental regulations.

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  4. oa says:

    Obama is less popular, for sure, but that Weiner seat vote (ewwww) isn’t any kind of national referendum, or even a state one. That district has a large, very conservative Orthodox Jewish bloc that voted against David Weprin, the Dem, because he voted for gay marriage in the state senate. And they weren’t really thrilled with Anthony’s performance, either.

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  5. If Clapton is God, Warren Haynes is Jesus says:

    I watched Mr. Doheny announce his candidacy on WWNY TV 7 this morning. When asked a few specific questions by Mr. Cole, he answered some and spoke around the others. He’s against raising taxes, and wants to cut “entitlements.” Shocking! He ignored Mr. Cole’s question about Defense cuts and never answered the question. Also shocking.

    Oh, and he’s also a seasoned business man who knows what’s needed to grow the economy; I guess implying that his opponent isn’t. I’m no expert on his business background other than he was at one time and investment banker who’s apparently made his fortune loaning money to actual businesses. I guess that makes him an expert on what exactly businesses in the NY 23 need to grow and prosper. You know, lower taxes and less regulation at the federal level. Where have I heard that before?

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  6. scratchy says:

    Doheny can’t win; he’s too tied to Wall Street.

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  7. hermit thrush says:

    what does doheny think about paul ryan’s plan to destroy medicare?

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