3 Comments on “Marquil’s View: Democrats love their hydrocarbons”

  1. tootightmike says:

    We can pretend all we like, but it’s running out. All of the money that we should have spent on alternative energies was spent on a decade of pointless war. Now that the end of oil looms, we can drill and frack and pipe like crazy, and it will not be enough. The supplies will dwindle, the prices will rise, and our ability at adjust will get more and more difficult. It’s really sad when our only hope for cheaper fuel lies in creating a deeper recession.

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  2. PNElba says:

    If we have a choice between mideast oil and Canadian oil from oil sands, I’ll go for the Canadian oil.

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  3. tootightmike says:

    Fortunately or unfortunately, that’s not the only choice, just the choice we’re being offered. It’s never too late to invest in energy savings…more insulation, efficient heaters and furnaces, better lightbulbs, smaller, smarter cars…these things add up. We could invest in renewable sources of energy, but our government is owned and operated by the oil companies and military interests, and they are holding onto the power and money for now.

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