Sunday Opinion: Bagging ORDA and squeezing in under the cap

Morning, folks.  My hope is that you’re reading this Sunday evening, after a day spent out in the paradise that is a perfect North Country autumn day.  (Or at least reading this with a great cup of coffee in hand.)

Now to the goods….

The Glens Falls Post Star questions whether it’s time to cut loose Olympic Regional Development Authority subsidies, that funnel taxpayer dollars to Whiteface, Gore, and other Olympic venues.

State tax revenue is foundering, legislative support for the public authority that operates the facilities has been waning, and local communities that traditionally provide support are struggling just to balance their budgets.

Rather than have the facilities limp along with declining public income and risk having them degrade for lack of funding for maintenance, upgrades or expansion, it’s time for state officials to rethink the financial and ownership model that has sustained them for the past 30 years.

The Plattsburgh Press Republican sends a caution note to local governments across the North Country that are flirting with the idea of busting the 2% property tax cap.
Municipal and school officials who are thinking of taking a vote to exceed the state’s new property-tax cap should tread carefully. That was not the intent of the law, which had overwhelming support from taxpayers across New York.
The P-R predicts that the public reaction in towns where the cap is overridden “won’t be pretty.”
The Watertown Daily Times, meanwhile, notes that cutting government isn’t always pretty either.  They point to St. Lawrencde County, which whittled its budget hike down from 28% to just under the 2% cap.
Although 48 positions will be eliminated, none will require layoffs. However, programs for pregnant women, physically handicapped children and rural bus services are expected to be eliminated with reductions in highway spending and cuts to outside agencies.
The Adirondack Daily Enterprise revels in news from last week that the North Country has actually endured the national recession in far better shape than other parts of the US.
That’s something to celebrate. Heck, maybe we should even put it in marketing campaigns: “Gritty, prudent locals know how to survive long winters, blackflies and recessions.” Then again, do we really want to mention blackflies and winters?
So there it is.  As always, your comments welcome.


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  1. Pete Klein says:

    As usual, I love sticking my neck out so here goes.
    The institution of the so called 2% tax cap is an example of the worst form of politics. It was a craven attempt to win the support of voters. There is absolutely nothing logical about it. Because of it alone, I will never again vote for Cuomo.
    Yes, control the budget. I am not against controlling budgets but the first order of business is to govern responsibly and responsibly means recognizing the need to provide for the health, welfare and education of the people. If taxes need to be raised to do this, then taxes should be raised.
    Look at it this way. You are responsible for yourself and your family if you have one. If your job doesn’t provided you with enough money to meet your responsibilities, would you just cut your budget or would you go out and look for a better job or a second job if needed?
    Yes, control the budget but I wonder if Cuomo or any of the other elected officials in favor of the 2% cap would be willing to help out by cutting their salaries and benefits?
    You know the answer and I know the answer. No! They want other people to have their salaries and benefits cut. They want to keep their jobs so they cater to the lowest denomination of the people and if need be, they want other people to lose their jobs.
    The 2% cap is fraudulent politics at its worst.

  2. Pete Klein says:

    After some thought, I would like to add that income taxes at the state and federal level should go up some on all sources of income for EVERYONE. This needs to be done in order to close the budget gap.
    Also, loopholes need to be closed and the earned income credit needs to go.

  3. Did the esteemed Plattsburgh press outlet mention anything about the suffocating state mandates? Something our hypocritical governor has done NOTHING about it.

  4. Paul says:

    You would not find a buyer for WF if you cannot build slope-side lodging. That money will stay in places like Vermont and Colorado till we get our act together.

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