Are Adirondack vacation homeowners giving way to “final” homeowners?

Chris Morris has a great piece in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise this afternoon about a new kind of North Country tourism:  the post-mortem kind.

It’s not a traditional real estate boom, but North Elba town Supervisor Roby Politi, a real estate broker in his other job, said this week that more people from the Capital Region are heading north to purchase gravesites because costs downstate are on the rise.

“People are now coming up from Albany because downstate it’s costing a thousand dollars and up for gravesites,” he said. “People want to come up to Lake Placid because it’s cheap.”

And such is the way of the real estate world, that the North Elba town board voted to double the cost of cemetery plots for residents and non-residents alike.

A 100% increase!  See?  We knew real estate would bounce back!

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  1. It's Still All Bush's Fault says:

    Cremation is my choice. First, it’ll prepare me for where I headed and secondly, my ashes can be thrown down on an icy sidewalk to stop someone from slipping.

  2. Walker says:

    Right you are, Bush! The funeral biz is another of those deals where the industry lobbyists have sold us down the river. What ever happened to getting buried in a wooden box under the apple tree in the back yard?

    And from what I’ve heard, the survivors of those city folk buying lots up here will be in for a nasty shock when the bill arrives for transporting the body up here.

  3. Pete Klein says:

    Maybe a better choice would be for Adirondackers to offer an ecological approach. We could offer, for a modest price, to turn the Albany dead into Soylent Green.

  4. Mervel says:

    Actually the ecological ida is pretty cool and kind of a new nich business. I think that is a good option. We have beauty, land and we could do the natural burials. Burial is normal and a natural thing, what is not natural is all of the embalming etc.

    Wrap me in a sheet and throw me body 10 feet down by my favorite tree. A tree is better than a stone anytime, just do it within 24 hours of my death and you don’t have to do all of the body stuff.

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