Police investigate 12-year-old Potsdam boy’s death

Talking to myself and a couple other reporters this morning, a bleary-eyed Potsdam Police Chief Edward Tischler said Potsdam police, along with a state forensics unit, the county sheriff and state police are working to discover what caused the death of Garret Phillips yesterday in the village of Potsdam.

Tischler said the cause of the 12-year-old boy’s death hasn’t yet been determined. Police aren’t calling it a homicide, but plenty of rumors are circulating about cause of death.

At the red brick apartment building where Phillips died, a state forensics unit was working this morning around a second-floor window screen that appears to have been pushed out of its frame.

Potsdam police chief Tischler said more information should be coming shortly, and we’ll keep you updated as new information comes to us.

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