Morning Read: Big expansion planned for Mohawk casino

The Plattsburgh Press Republican is reporting this morning that at $75 million expansion is underway at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino in northern Franklin County.

The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe intends to add more than 30,000 square feet of space to the gaming facility for 150 additional slot machines and the Mohawk Bingo Palace operation.

A 150-room hotel will also be built on the site.

Tribal officials, casino representatives and construction managers plan to hold a groundbreaking ceremony at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 2, to kick off the project, which is designed by Encompass Develop Design Construct out of LaGrange, Ky.

According to the newspaper this will mean approximately forty additional permanent jobs.

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5 Comments on “Morning Read: Big expansion planned for Mohawk casino”

  1. Two Cents says:

    One word– Kentucky

  2. Pete Klein says:

    Never been there or any Indian casino. Only been to Vegas ans Atlantic City so I have a few questions.
    Can you smoke there? Are the booze and the cigarettes tax free? Are the girls as good looking as in Vegas?

  3. It's Still All Bush's Fault says:

    Was this on the EDC priority list?

  4. If Clapton is God, Warren Haynes is Jesus says:

    I’m curious of they’ll be getting any state or federal funds for this expansion. Hopefully not and they’re financing it all on their own.

  5. john stewart says:

    Encompass Develop Design Construct changed their name after some financial problems and falling out with partners. Used to be called L&F Design Build out of Louisville. Many church projects ended up over budget or required repairs. Some contractors have hard time getting paid in Oklahoma City, Louisville and around Kentucky. Hope the Tribe doesn’t end up with problems.

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