Earth-shaking mystery in Indian Lake

We got a call late yesterday afternoon from listener Daisy Kelly in Indian Lake, wondering what we knew about an earthquake that had hit that Hamilton County town earlier in the day.

Kelly said at about 11:30am, she’d heard a giant rumble that had lasted about eight or nine seconds. “I have a very steep pitched roof”, Kelly said, “it sounded like when snow comes off the roof.”

The earthquake was the talk of the post office when Kelly went to pick up her mail—she says the postmistress thought something had hit the side of the building.

So I put in a call this morning to the Weston Observatory at Boston College, which takes readings from many New York seismometers, including Troy and Newcomb. And I was surprised to learn that there was NOT, in fact, an earthquake in or near Indian Lake yesterday.

So what happened? Justin Starr at the Weston Observatory suggests it may have been a quarry blast.

If you were in the Indian Lake area yesterday, and you heard something earthquake-like at around 11:30 Tuesday morning—let us know. And if you know of something other than an earthquake that might have caused 8-9 seconds of heavy rumbling, please let us know that, too. The best way to get in touch is to email me, [email protected]. Thanks!

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  1. Rennie says: reports a similar event today in Islay, and likewise no quake indicated on the USGS or RSOE EDIS maps, I’m told by someone else who surfs the web that this is not an unusual phenomenon if you look around online. My first question would be is there any seismic testing/quarry blasting going on somehweres like Tahawus? Gore Mtn?

  2. Pete Klein says:

    I didn’t feel or hear anything.

  3. John Haywood says:

    I was in Rensselaerville outside of Albany yesterday taking pictures of a waterfall. The camera wiggled on the tripod and I thought I heard a truck drive past to one side. I checked and there’s no road nearby and there wasn’t a plane overhead. I thought for sure it was a little earthquake.

  4. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Sonic boom? Space Aliens? Bigfoot somehow?

  5. brian mann says:

    Was there ever an X-files set in the Adirondacks?

    –Brian, NCPR

  6. jeff says:

    In the early 90’s while living in Old Forge I heard a rumble and what had happened was a large chunk of rock on a low cliff (70-90′) broke off and fell 20-30 feet or more. Rock sizes were delivery van and larger and smaller. Still visible today about 2 miles east of Old Forge along 28 north side. Collectively the chunks would perhaps have been the size of the hardware store in Indian Lake. When I drive by Poke-O-Moonshine I remember that rock fall and ponder camping there.

  7. Crystal Puterko says:

    Definately felt something in Indian lake and have spoke with a bunch of other people who agreed.. something was moving :)

  8. Daisy Kelley says:

    As you can imagine, there was a stir locally about this “earthquake” — and lots of unconfirmed observations were passed around, including that it had been observed in Blue Mountain Lake (12 mi. away) and Newcomb (40 mi. by road, possibly 10 by mountain pass). Various reactions included: earthquake, something hitting the building, snow coming off the (roof)(solar panels), low-flying aircraft from Fort Drum. Since I was working on my taxes, I thought it might be the voice of God.

    I’m wondering: if there had been a quarry blast or seismic testing, wouldn’t that show up on a seismograph?

  9. Walker says:

    I like Jeff’s theory. There are plenty of places where a whole lot of rock could come down and no one would see it. And yes, Jeff, I too think about rocks and trees coming down when camping. Though my last house was surrounded by big trees that would have crushed the house with me in it if they came down on it. It does seem amazing that more people aren’t killed by falling trees. And then there’s places like Park Ave. in Saranac Lake where a whole lot of houses are directly below a whole lot of rock!

  10. wakeup says:

    Yes Brian there was an X-Files episode.

  11. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    A surprising number of people are killed each year by coconuts falling on their heads so I would guess there are many who are killed by falling trees and rocks too. Why the MSM don’t cover this with more vigor is anyones guess.

  12., the go-to website for earthquakes, shows a 2.9 quake in Quebec, north of Ottawa, on Tuesday that was still felt as late as 9 a.m. Wednesday. Sometimes these tremors go in strange directions; look at the Virginia one we felt in the Adirondacks last year. I suppose it’s possible it could have slowly snaked through the mountains to Indian Lake.

  13. mervel says:

    Several Sonic booms at once?

  14. Kent Gregson says:

    Accidental launch from some de-commisioning rocket silo? The Quebec quake may be interesting since geologically we’re on the Canadian Shield.

  15. Carol Mitchell says:

    It was felt and heard here in Raquette Lake. Thought is was a sonic boom. Thought we heard a plane flying over shortly afterwards.

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