3 Comments on “Morning Read: Glens Falls makes Forbes list, marking jobs growth”

  1. A bit incongruous with all the doom and gloom articles we’ve been reading lately in various media.

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  2. OnewifeVetNewt says:

    I thought about Glens Falls when Brian was doing his “will the last North Country resident please carry the coffins out” (well, something like that) piece a last week , but by the time it hit me that Glens Falls is in the North Country, I think, and is anything but dying, the fuss had settled down. GF is in the middle an extremely vibrant corridor from Albany to Lake George. I visited a former colleague who had moved GF from Essex County when her spouse’s job relocated, and it is a very busy, lively, and stimulating little city, that is anything but dying.

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  3. mervel says:

    These are the midsized communities that will prosper as smaller communities consolidate.

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