High fire danger warning issued for Adirondacks

Following this week’s one-acre brush fire on Upper Saranac Lake, state officials have issued a warning that fire danger in the Adirondack Park is “high.”

State forest rangers blame the situation on warm, dry weather.  According to the statement, three fires have been reported in the last week, at least one caused by an improperly tended camp fire.

A total of eight acres have burned.

State officials are warning against brush burning, and also urge caution when using charcoal grills or other outdoor flames that could send off sparks.


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  1. Pete Klein says:

    Yes, it has been dry but Indian Lake received 0.3 inch of rain on Monday. That would have been 3 inches of snow if it had been cold enough.
    Oh, well, winter is coming.

  2. Paul says:

    Here in this part of CNY they are reporting that we have only had 13 inches of ppt this year so far. That is 25% below normal. I was actually amazed at how well we are doing given the winter we had. If we see a pattern like last years we will be happy that we have some room in the lakes and reservoirs. I think the fact that we have been somewhat dry should be seen as good news.

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