7 Days ventures west, again

In this year’s Adirondack Issue, 7 Days blows kisses instead of raspberries across the lake.

Burlington weekly paper 7 Days published their annual Adirondack issue today. It’s a glimpse of across-the-lake culture for Vermonters, and features stories about the Adirondack Woodsmen’s School at Paul Smith’s, North Country wineries, the debate about the rail line from Old Forge to Lake Placid, and a personal essay on tubing down the Hudson.

It’s all pretty summer-y and upbeat. And it’s a far cry from last year’s issue, where a snide commentary on dreary nightlife in Plattsburgh sparked outrage among North Country readers and furthered the perceived disparity between Plattsburgh and Burlington. This year’s issue is a careful counterpoint that works to point out similarities between New York and Vermont, not differences. Take the story on mid 20th century artist artist Rockwell Kent, a “ballsy, left-wing activist as well as a prolific painter, best-selling author, dairy farmer, boreal adventurer, Thoreau-like mystic and notorious philanderer,” with deep connections to Vermont and northern New York both.

I’m curious what you think. Did 7 Days┬ácapture the Adirondacks you know? And are the places we live really so different?


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3 Comments on “7 Days ventures west, again”

  1. Stevarino says:

    Its a shame I learned more about the train and its history in one short article from Vermont than I did in 3 years of local article about the rail/train debate.

    Its also outrageous that Jim Ellis, the deacon in my Catholic Church, is referring to people he disagrees with a nazis! As if I needed another reason to consider being the first in 3 generations on my family to leave the Church, now a member of the ministry is labeling someone a nazi over something as trivial as a train/trail debate!!!! I feel sick to my stomach.

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  2. oa says:

    Haven’t seen it. Sounds like it’s better than last year’s Vermontster smugfest.

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  3. Arlan says:

    Is Jim Ellis really a Catholic deacon? Using that word on something so trivial, trivializes the holocaust. I have seen people this that word around anonymously on the internet carelessly. Mr Ellis should be ashamed of himself and the diocese should denounce his remarks. I happen to agree with him on the train, but this is sickening that a person who should know better would trivialize the horrors that the Jewish people experienced. NCPR should
    follow up. Is there something in the water in Tupper Lake?

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