It’s primary day. Republicans battle over gay marriage. Discuss.

Morning, In Boxers.  A big day out there for Republicans across New York state.  Gay marriage has emerged as a major issue.  Moderates in the Assembly and state Senate face fierce primary challenges.

Also, in the NY21 race we’re 54 days out from the big Election Day for Matt Doheny, Bill Owens and Donald Hassig.

What do you think?  Are you going to the polls in your area?  How do you plan to vote?  What do you think of the shape that the GOP is taking?  If they elect fire-breathers today, will it imperil their Senate majority?  Or is the current party too squishy and RINOy?

Open thread on this primary day…have at it in your usual civil, intelligent, provocative way.

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  1. TomL says:

    The surest way for the Democrats to retake the New York State Senate and to increase their dominance of the Assembly is for the Republican/Conservative Parties to replace moderate conservatives with hard-right ‘fire-breathers’. Upstate New Yorkers, including Republican New Yorkers, tend to be moderate conservatives – fiscally a little conservative, socially moderate, generally supportive of organized labor, pragmatic. This isn’t Alabama or Oklahoma. If the Republicans nominate a hard-right candidate, voters will go with a moderate Democrat.

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  2. Newt says:

    I’m not sure what time Brian posted this, but the fact that at 8:25 there has been made but one (sensible and insightful) comment, shows, i think, the degree passion that those of us who comment here ( wide range of politcal views that we possess) have for Republican politics in the North Country.

    Compare this with the comments on yesterday’s free speech vs. religious sensitivity post.

    Glad that you are out there caring about local Republican polics for the the rest of us. It’s a dirty job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

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  3. Brian Mann says:

    Newt – Low turnout is always a problem for primaries, even on the In Box! Maybe people are just waking up?

    –Brian, NCPR

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  4. Well really it’s a battle between those who actually stand for freedom and liberty of all citizens (Duprey and McDonald) and those who merely pretend to do so when it’s politically convenient.

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  5. Paul says:

    Gave it one look but I won’t be back. Thanks for keeping up on this stuff.

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  6. Pete Klein says:

    No interest here in Hamilton County because their aren’t any primaries in Hamilton County this year.
    Money is being saved as a result.

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  7. tootightmike says:

    Those who are so, so uncomfortable with gay marriage….should move to Uganda. You’ll find plenty of folks who agree with your narrow viewpoint. Don’t let the door hit you in the a**.

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