Ottawa’s first “Nuit Blanche” happening this Saturday

The theme of Ottawa’s first Nuit Blanche is “Life is Beautiful.”

What’s Nuit Blanche? A night-time festival of the arts. Just for one night, but happening all night. Ottawa will try that out this Saturday.

As the literal translation implies, Wikipedia says these events are usually held in winter. But no matter. This one’s not.

The Ottawa Citizen’s arts-editor-at-large Peter Simpson  summarizes the event thusly:

The idea of Nuit Blanche, born in Paris and held in cities and towns around the world, is to put art installations in expected and unexpected places throughout the centre of the city. Most of the exhibitions — some are transitory installations and others are more familiar exhibitions of paintings, photography or sculpture — will be in the ByWard Market, with more in Hintonburg and a few scattered here and there. Some artists will roam throughout the city core, as organizers hope plenty of spectators will do.

Nuit Blanche takes place in several ‘zones’ plus a bit of spontaneous roving. (details on locations, shuttles, etc. are on the main website.)

It all takes place September 22 from 6:22 p.m. and goes until 4:23. (Quirky times are intentional. To step outside ordinary, etc.)

It’s free and all are welcome.

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