North Country tea party leader steps down

Mark Barie in Plattsburgh, who played a big role in North Country politics over the last couple of years, says he’s stepping down as chairman of UNYTEA,  conservative tea party group.

Barie says he’s still battling the after-effects of a brain aneurism and three strokes, which took place a year and a half ago.

“The constant fatigue and other medical problems make it impossible for me to carry on in the fashion that I would like,” Barie said in a statement.

“Nevertheless, I hope you will agree with me when I say that UNYTEA has made a difference.”

As I’ve noted here before, Mark and I became friends while working on programs for Mountain Lake PBS, before he pivoted to political activism.  He’s one of the smartest, most dynamic thinkers about North Country issues I know.  We wish him well here at NCPR.

No word yet on UNYTEA’s future.  Here’s the balance of Mark’s press release:

Since that day in Trinity Park some 4 years ago, we have been able to give voice to thousands of people who might otherwise have remained silent in the face of higher taxes, bigger government, and out-of-control spending.

Because of UNYTEA, a host of federal and state wide candidates have made the North Country a mandatory stop in their campaigns for public office.

We have informed the general public and our friends in the media of the dangers faced by our nation as a result of decades of tax and spend policies in Washington.

UNYTEA has also spawned a new generation of political activists and candidates all across the North Country, who believe as we do, that our taxes are not too low. Our spending is too high.

And finally, while we have yet to celebrate a victory in the NY 21st Congressional District, I think it fair to say that we have at least elevated the debate and forced all of the candidates to seriously consider our mantra of “lower spending, reduced taxes, and limited government.

As I slide into political retirement, it occurs to me that once again we should thank Jonathan Nelson, who fathered the Tea party movement in the North Country.

I would also like to thank my son Oliver, who will be leaving the Steering Committee to pursue a promising career in business.  His work has been critical to our success.

And finally, I would like to thank each of you and all of our 1000 plus members, who have been so helpful and so generous with wise advice, moral support, and financial backing.

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  1. JDM says:

    The tea party movement isn’t about local chapters.

    It’s much bigger than that.

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  2. Walker says:

    Yeah. Like the Koch brothers.

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