BREAKING: Harrietstown supervisor candidate suspends campaign

Tom Catillaz (Source: Catillaz website)

Veteran North Country politician Tom Catillaz – a Democrat who sits on Saranac Lake’s village council – says he’s suspending his active campaign for Harrietstown’s supervisor post.

In an otherwise quiet election season, the face-off between Catillaz and Republican Bob Bevilacqua was one of the more intense local contests.  Catillaz says he’ll stay on the ballot and still hopes to win.  Here’s the press release:

Due to a serious family medical situation out-of-state, Tom Catillaz has suspended active campaigning for the position of Harrietstown Supervisor indefinitely.

The debate for October 16th will be cancelled.

Though active campaigning has ceased, Catillaz will keep his name on the ballot for the November 6 election.

Democratic Committee Chairman, Chad McCarthy said, “Tom remains confident that he is the right choice for Harrietstown Supervisor.  However, his priority must now be his family.  Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family.”

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3 Comments on “BREAKING: Harrietstown supervisor candidate suspends campaign”

  1. wakeup says:

    Question for reporters: In the ADE’s story the reporter states that when contacted Catillaz said he was busy and hung up on the reporter. Did the reporter need to take a swipe at Catillaz when it was said in a press release why he was suspending his campaign? It just seems reporters sometimes feel a little too entitled to other people’s personal business.

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  2. Newt says:

    Yeah, assuming Catillaz is telling the truth, a simple “..could not be reached for comment,” should have been sufficient.

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  3. Brian Mann says:

    This is always a tough call for a journalist, but ultimately our obligation lies with the audience.

    Catillaz is still a candidate for public office. A reporter is not out of line in calling him for an explanation.

    The fact that Catillaz hung up on the journalist is simply that — a fact. Readers (and voters) can interpret his behavior how they choose.

    –Brian Mann, NCPR

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