Amaral leaves Watertown Daily Times

Brian Amaral, whose close coverage of the NY 21 race and of Matt Doheny’s candidacy in particular set much of the tone for media treatment of the contest, is stepping down on Friday.  This from his WDT blog, posted in the bleary hours after the returns came in.

I can think of no better time to say goodbye.

My tenure at the Watertown Daily Times is coming to an end on Friday. I’ll still provide updates about the implications of last night’s election, so my voice on this blog will not yet go silent. But sadly, for me, it soon will.

Thank you, loyal reader, for listening to my stories and forgiving my faults. I’ve learned a lot, and I have you to thank.

A special thanks, too, to the editors and sources who had to put up with me.

Amaral moves on to a reporting gig in New Jersey.  We wish him well and thank him for all his help and great reporting.


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