2 Comments on “2012 in Marquil Cartoons”

  1. Anita says:

    Brilliant! I admire and enjoy Marquil’s work, which is as good as any in the business.

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  2. Newt says:

    Can’t I go out of town for a day without missing a crucial In-Box to comment upon?

    It’s a crime that Marquil does not appear in any regional newspapers that I follow (ADE, P-R, and, sometimes, Watertown Times). When I look at the quality and content of most cartoons now appearing in those papers, it makes me want to gag. Marquil touches on New York State issues I ( well-informed as I like to tell myself I am) am only vaguely, (or just totally un-), aware of.

    Like why does Gov. Cuomo hate Liz Benjamin?

    Marquil’s exile from the regional media scene is a scandal, that is well-worth a story by NCPR.

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