Updated: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand in Massena today

US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and United Steelworkers Local 458 President David LeClair, Jr., at today’s event. Photo: Natasha Haverty

3:43pm. And hello again! Natasha Haverty is back now from Massena, working on a story to air Monday morning on the 8 O’clock Hour. I asked her to tell me a little about Sen. Gillibrand’s appearance.

As expected, Gillibrand used the appearance to talk about her “Made in America Manufacturing Act.” She said the choice of the Alcoa plant to talk about the act reflected  her belief that it’s time for New York state to spring back into being the kind of manufacturing state it once was, and has always had the capability of being.

Also at the event was United Steel Workers Local 458 President David LeClair, Jr. Natasha had a chance to talk with him. He told her the act feels overdue, but that he’s grateful and excited Sen. Gillibrand is working on it (and that she’s chosen to speak about it at the Alcoa plant.)

LeClair also told Natasha that the Alcoa board of directors is set to vote on a “modernization project” at the end of next month. Approval would mean new construction and upgrades at Massena East. Gillibrand mentioned that one reason she’d chosen Alcoa East as a significant place to announce the plan was that she wanted to express support for the project.

9:49am (original post)

Good morning! If you’re in Massena today in the area around the Alcoa plant, you may notice some extra traffic. That’s because US Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand will be there as well. She’s scheduled to be at Alcoa at 12:45, promoting the “Made in America Manufacturing Act”.

Gillibrand introduced that bill Feb. 18 in Ticonderoga, where she used the International Paper Mill as a backdrop to talk about how the bill would help “spark more growth in high-tech manufacturing sectors, jumpstart new businesses new businesses, and create good-paying jobs right here where we need them the most.”

Should it become law, the bill would establish a federal funding competition (as we know from the Regional Economic Development Councils, competitive funding is popular at the moment…) that would:

[E]ncourage…states and regional public-private partnerships to design and implement comprehensive strategies that spur growth for local manufacturing industries, particularly in the thriving fields of clean-tech and high-tech manufacturing, and that train workers with the skills that businesses need.

Our reporter Natasha Haverty is on her way to Massena now, so we’ll update when she gets back.

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  1. Rancid Crabtree says:

    Blah, blah, blah. Facetime, that’s all it is. If anyone was serious about any manufacturing jobs coming to NY they’d be working on getting us up from the 2nd worst state to do business in. Instead, get some sound bites, shake hands with some locals you have intention of ever seeing again, make some empty promises and get thee back to Washington in time for cocktails.

  2. mervel says:

    I think she is. At least she is talking about it and trying to do something.

  3. mervel says:

    I mean come on Rancid, look at a map, NYS is the third largest state in the Union, the fact that she spent any time at all in Massena I think is a good thing.

  4. Rancid Crabtree says:

    Why Mervel? What do you think will really happen? The only reason Alcoa is still there is because of low cost power. She’s at a heavy industry plant talking about high tech job growth. I bet somewhere int here the word “green” appears numerous times. Paper plants and aluminum foundries are not “green” and aren’t high tech. It’s another feel good, do nothing bill that isn’t going to do anything to increase jobs in the North Country. It’s a low interest, taxpayer funded loan bill. Is someone going to open a shoe making plant in Malone? Is GM going to return to Massena? Is Newton Falls paper mill going to reopen? Is Air Brake coming back to Watertown? Nope.

    Sorry man, I just don’t buy the schtick anymore.

  5. mervel says:

    I can’t totally argue with you on that.

    It would be helpful if some of these guys went down to Texas, Virginia or Georgia and learn a little how to attract both high and low tech industries. It snot just taxes either it is the ease which you can open a business and the basic attitude the state has toward business in general.

    I mean consider the NC it is like we fight every single business of any magnitude that wants to locate here. Nothing is good enough, the concentrated beef plant no good, logging, no good, shale gas exploration, don’t even talk about that, large resorts in the adirondack’s, nope, I mean what business IS supported? Even if GM wanted to come back I have no doubt it would be fought because of environmental concerns.

    That is the hard part for NYS though. NYC does not care about those sorts of things, it is not competing at least not yet with these other states. For us in upstate though our competition is other states and countries who are in manufacturing etc.

  6. mervel says:

    All business that is not on Wall Street; but particularly manufacturing is viewed with suspicion and concern, with that attitude why would you choose to be here when other places are welcoming you with open arms?

    There are a group of people that are doing just fine, and they don’t want anyone messing up their playground, witness the rejection of wind farms, a high tech, green industry that would also provide jobs, nope ruins the view.

  7. Rancid Crabtree says:

    Are you finally catching on? Good! You’re right, it’s not just taxes, it’s the whole ball of wax. And yes, no matter what concern tries to locate here, it’s fought tooth and nail, often with the help of the State!

    So just what makes you think Gillibrands bill will alter that one iota?

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