Gov. Cuomo seeks to relax “10 bullet clip” rule

A pleased Gov. Andrew Cuomo at the January signing of the NY SAFE Act. Photo: Gov. Cuomo’s office via Flickr

Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced just a little while ago that he’ll be backing down on a provision in the new NY SAFE gun control law that would have banned gun shops from selling weapon clips that hold up to 10 bullets. The provision was set to take effect in three weeks.

The governor said it’ll still be illegal to keep 10 bullets in the clip, unless you’re in a shooting competition or at the shooting range. The change still needs to be finalized, and Cuomo was explicit that it’s not a response to his dropping popularity numbersamong Republicans, but simply to his belief that the law’s language is “inconsistent.”

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  1. The Original Larry says:

    If he took out every part of the law that is “inconsistent” he would be left with a sheet of paper bearing his signature.

  2. Kathy says:

    Mistakes are made with knee jerk responses.

  3. Richard says:

    Somehow I simply do not feel any safer.

  4. tootightmike says:

    With or without the law, we will not feel any safer. Education (which we can’t afford), compassion (which we don’t teach anymore), and generosity (which Americans don’t believe in) might go some way toward easing our anxieties, and perhaps calming our trigger fingers, but the “law” will chafe at some while giving false hope to the rest.
    We live in a world, and especially here in this country, where we must maintain what they call “cognitive dissonance”. Our ways with the disadvantaged have been cruel for too long. Our ways with the environment have been both lax and abusive, and our manner with the worlds people has been arrogant and dismissive. While we’re clever enough to see the wrong, we are too lazy to make it right, and the future is coming to bite us in the ass. We all know it, and it causes us all some measure of tension. The shooters are just those who’ve cracked under the strain.

  5. scratchy says:


    Very well said! Truer words have never been spoken. I wish every American would read what you just wrote.

  6. Pete Klein says:

    The seven bullet clip was a dumb idea. 10 makes more sense, unless the 7 bullet limit was meant to pave the way from the 30 to the 10.

  7. If we fight against the culture of violence, then actual violence will diminish regardless of what the laws related to firearms happen to be. Unfortunately, the hateful language that pervades our political discourse is going in the wrong direction. Dehumanization is a key prerequisite to commit violence.

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