Breaking: a shooter apprehended in Massena

Update, 2:46pm: A Massena village police dispatcher says at least one person, who has yet to be identified, has been apprehended and is in custody in what’s being described as a drive-by shooting. WWNY-TV’s John Friot is reporting police have surrounded a house in which another man appears to be holed up. Friot says police lobbed a concussion grenade into the home.

Update, 1:30pm Massena village police now say that there were minor injuries to one person, and they’re still at the scene. NCPR News Director Martha Foley spoke with a dispatcher, who said Liberty Avenue was not the correct location, but would not specify where the incident took place.


An incident in Massena that was initially described as a shooting took place this afternoon on Liberty Avenue, WWNY-TV reports. It’s not clear what happened, but police have been seen around the property with weapons drawn, and WWNY has been told that no one is dead, and there’s no threat to the public.

This is according to a “local reporter” who spoke with the police. They’re investigating, and we’ll have more on this as we know.


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