Adirondack Health delays Lake Placid ER decision

Photo: Mark Kurtz

This just in from Joe Riccio, spokesman for Adirondack Health, regarding the company’s internal debate over whether to downscale services at the Lake Placid ER to a 12 hour facility.

The board was presented with a summary of public input from the numerous community meetings on the conversion of the Lake Placid emergency room to an Immediate Care Center.

Upon review, the board has decided there is a need to factor in additional study, community input and give the process more thought in the context of our broader mission and strategic plan. We plan to finalize this discussion in the next 60 days.

Meeting the needs of today’s patients and residents and preparing for a bright future for Adirondack Health is a common goal we all share.

In recent days, local and state officials — including leaders in Lake Placid, North Elba and at the Olympic Regional Development Authority — have made public their opposition to the change.

Adirondack Health CEO Chandler Ralph has argued that the ER is underused and is contributing to the organization’s deficits.  Chris Knight will have more on this story as it develops.

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