Video: B.C. bear easily opens car doors

As reported by CBC, here you go: a video showing at least one bear in British Columbia opening car doors with ease:

Still from Youtube video above, posted by Rebecca Moore.

Still from Youtube video above, posted by Rebecca Moore.

How easily? Well, this particular bear is probably planning to take up driving next. (I expect the video may go viral. But it is starting out in Canada, so perhaps it hasn’t hit the U.S. yet.)

The CBC story quotes a conservation officer as saying people in bear country – and campers – tempt this sort of bear attention by stashing food or garbage inside vehicles. He says: Don’t do it! Bears will try to gain entry and can do considerable damage. Food needs to be stored in bear-resistant containers.

Not that those are always a sure thing, according to this 2009 Adirondack-area article in the New York Times.

It appears bears are smart enough that smarter-than-average bears are amazing indeed.

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  1. Two Cents says:

    “ranger smith is not going to be happy with this yogi”

  2. Pete Klein says:

    Has NCPR moved from the USA to Canada?

  3. Lucy Martin says:

    No worries, Pete. Bears in the U.S. are just as clever. This is cross-border stuff.

    The Denver Post reports a bear (or bears) proficient in opening car doors in Steamboat Springs Colorado too.

    The video just happens to come out of Canada.

  4. Walker says:

    Yellow yellow, the bear from that 2009 Bear Vault opening story, was killed by a hunter last November: ADE: Famous bear bandit is killed. Although there is some chance that another bear has learned the trick, I haven’t heard anything confirming the possibility.

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