Will Lake George get a big new hotel?


Village of Lake George, NY. Photo: reivax, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Village of Lake George, NY. Photo: reivax, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

The Glens Falls Post-Star is reporting that plans for a large-scale hotel will be unveiled in Lake George this week.

According to the newspaper, local developer Dave Kenny is hoping to build a six-story chain hotel in the resort village that would include a conference center, retail shops and a restaurant.

Lake George Mayor Robert Blais told the Post-Star that the hotel represents the largest investment in the village in years and will be a “stimulus for other investments and revitalize our resort community.”

The project will require approval by the Adirondack Park Agency.

This news comes as two major hotel projects have been unveiled in Saranac Lake, including a revival of the historical Hotel Saranac, and as a large-scale resort development in Tupper Lake faces a court challenge from environmental groups.

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  1. I’m trying to figure which of the four corners of that intersection it’ll be. The buildings are so small, I don’t think he could just buy one and fit a big hotel there.

  2. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Not too long ago there was a big fuss about Fort William Henry building a big new hotel overlooking Lake George. I think most people now will agree that the hotel looks good and seems appropriate in Lake George village and the property is MUCH more attractive than many other village motels. Recently the Sagamore Resort in Bolton announced they will be open year-round again after a few years of closing for the winter.

    It will interesting to see if large full service hotels can be successful in Adirondack towns again. The trend of people building their own private camps or buying homes in small communities to use for vacations has been devastating to many small towns as affordable housing for local people has become scarce. Many trends converged to cause a change in the economies of tourist towns, the downward trend in middle class income, the rise of 2 worker families, the availability of mortgage interest tax deduction, the ease and low cost of air transportation…but I’m hoping for a revival of an older style of tourism where people go to a place and stay long enough to explore an area in some depth. Full service hotels and mom and pop motels are great options for those types of travelers.

  3. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Brian, Kenny & Dittich LLC own several contiguous parcels just south of the high school on the north west side of Amherst and Canada but not the corner lot itself as best I can figure from the county GIS.

  4. Well things must be doing well in Lake George and nearby Bolton. Dozens (probably hundreds) of workers are imported, mostly from eastern and central Europe, each year to help with various service jobs. And it’s like any local student has any trouble finding a tourist-related job either if they want.

    There was a vigorous debate in the village about the maximum height of buildings. A 6-story building in the middle of Canada street would certainly be incongruous… the Ft. William Henry is more at the edge of town and I think only a couple of stories. I guess that debate must’ve been settled.

  5. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Fort William Henry sits on the low hill on Beach road right across from the southern tip of the lake. Pretty much the prime location in Lake George village. It appears to be 5 stories tall under the roof.
    There’s a preteen good picture at their website:

  6. Good for FWH. I’ve been by it many times and, though not having looked particularly closely, I never would’ve guessed it was that tall.

    (BTW-Preteen? Please tell me that’s autocorrect. =)

  7. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    That was either autocorrect or there was something very, very wrong going on!!!!

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