Tornado watch, agriculture, raids, politics

A rainy day coffee. Photo: Anne Roberts, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

A rainy day coffee. Photo: Anne Roberts, Creative Commons, some rights reserved.

What’s happening on this rainy, windy, weird-weathered afternoon?

Well for one thing, a tornado watch is in effect for much of central New York until 5 p.m. That includes Old Forge and Albany. NOAA has issued a severe weather statement in Glens Falls and Saratoga Springs. The tornado watch extends south to the greater New York City area. Emergency information is available at

State agriculture commissioner and North Country farmer and politican Darrel Aubertine is stepping down. Read more about it on The Dirt.

DEC Commissioner Joe Martens has announced that the new facilities in the Sable Highlands Conservation Easement Lands  in Franklin and Clinton counties are now available for public use.

In national news, the U.S. conducted commando raids in Libya and Somalia this weekend. Top Al-Qaida operative Abu Anas Al Libi was captured in Tripoli and is now in military custody on the U.S.S. San Antonio in the Mediterranean. Libya’s government has responded sharply, calling the operation “a kidnapping.” In Somalia, Navy SEALs targeted al-Shabab leader Abdikadir Mohamed Abdikadir. It’s not clear if he’s dead.

It’s the opening of a new term for the Supreme Court, which will hear cases on campaign finance, abortion, religion, civil rights, and the separation of powers, to name a few.

Oh,  and the government continues to be shut down, although most furloughed Department of Defense employees (some of them at Fort Drum) are  back to work.

Coming up tomorrow morning on NCPR:

The great lakes are getting warmer, faster in the spring now — and that’s cutting the food supply for many fish.

A Canton writer researching his own family history stumbled on the names of thousands of children kidnapped from Ireland, Scotland, and England and sold into slavery in New England in the late 17th century.

And Betsy Kepes reviews Above All Things, a story of George Malory’s fateful Mount Everest Climb in 1924 by Canadian writer Tanis Rideout.

Stay safe and dry, all!

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  1. Pete Klein says:

    Well here we are and we all survived, as usual, the weather.
    It seems as though the tornado warnings we get are mostly about the weather people taking out insurance on the outside chance there might be a tornado.
    Here in Indian Lake, we had a little wind and picked up about an inch of much needed rain.

  2. Paul says:

    “much needed rain”? Are you serious? For a change we get a few weeks of decent weather and we are in a drought? Pete, what did you guys need the rain for?

    It may be one of those Adirondack things. If we have some good weather we start to get nervous.

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