Election day cheat sheet

Photo: Vox Efx, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Photo: Vox Efx, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Tuesday is election day.

One of the more heated races in the North Country has been the district attorney race in St. Lawrence County. Republican challenger Mary Rain has aggressively attacked Duvé, the incumbent Dem, criticizing her for a low felony conviction rate. Duvé’s campaign hasn’t been as aggressive. But Rain still has had to defend her own record. Some say she was ineffective as county Public Defender. Check out David Sommerstein’s complete report on the race here.

Another big one – if there is such a thing as a “big one” during an off year – is the Plattsburgh mayoral race. There are three candidates this year, all challengers: Republican and Independence party candidate James Calnon, Democrat Mark Tiffer, and Independent Chris Rosenquest. All three did some last-minute canvassing on Monday.

Some of the more controversial items that are on the statewide ballot are Props 1 and 5. Prop 1 would change the current prohibition on gambling casinos. It also proposes to open seven new resort-style casinos across the state. As one might expect, the ballot item itself has raised moral and economic concerns, but also at issue has also been the ballot’s promotion. Critics say the pro-casino ads are misleading.

Prop 5 would allow an Adirondack land swap that has been at the center of a fierce debate in Essex County.

Here’s a quick overview of all of ballot items from Ballot Pedia:

Proposal 1: Allows casino gambling statewide

Proposal 2: Gives veterans with combat-related disabilities extra points when competing for civil service promotions

Proposal 3: Allows municipalities to continue exceeding their debt limits for sewage facilities

Proposal 4: Attempts to solve a dispute with private landownders over property in the Adirondack forest preserve

Proposal 5: Allows a land exchange involving the Adirondack forest preserve with NYCO Minerals

Proposal 6: Raises the mandatory judicial retirement age in the state to 80

Also – find out which ballot measures some New York news sources are officially supporting.

And find your polling place by searching NYS Voter, or see the lists below:

St. Lawrence County 

Jefferson County 

Essex County

Franklin County 

Clinton County 

Hamilton & Lewis Counties 

Poll sites will be open 6 AM – 9 PM Tuesday.

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