Winning the lottery! And other news.

Taking the bull by the horns this afternoon. Photo: Sarah Harris.

Taking the bull by the horns this afternoon. Photo: Sarah Harris.

Hiya, people of the North Country. There’s a feeling of rain — or maybe snow? — in the air!

A post-election update:

The St. Lawrence County board of Elections tells YNN that the district 9 county legislature ballot mishap probably won’t effect election results. Clinton County still has over 1100 absentee ballots to count, which could effect the outcome of some races. ¬†Absentee ballots will also determine who becomes tax collector in the town of Jay, and supervisor and councilor in Waddington.¬† And write-in votes are delaying the final results for the Lisbon Town Council seats.

Other news:

The U.S. Supreme Cort is debating whether it’s constitutional for Greece, New York to open its Town Board meetings with predominantly Christian prayers. The New York Times has this play-by-play. And the Atlantic profiles the two women who sued the town of Greece five years ago.

Governor Cuomo wants you to buy New York-made wine for the holidays.

Pamela and Russell Brothers from Morrisonville are probably having a good day — they won the lottery!

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  1. Dan Siegel says:

    Hey Sarah, thanks for posting a pic of my work! If anyone wants to see more check out my Facebook page:

  2. Pete Klein says:

    So much news falls into the “who cares” category, such as a prayer before a town board meeting. Like anyone is forced to pray along? No one forces you to pray. Grow up. Get a life. Stop being a certified wimp.

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