Republicans choosing candidate for NY21 Congressional seat

New York's 21st Congressional District

New York’s 21st Congressional District

The Adirondack Daily Enterprise is reporting that the various Republican committees across the North Country’s 21st Congressional District are working on picking the candidate who’ll run for the seat that’s currently held by Plattsburgh Democrat Bill Owens.

The committees will interview each of the three candidates, but those meetings aren’t open to the public. The potentials are Joseph M. Gilbert of DeKalb Junction, Michael F. Ring of Adams Center (he doesn’t have a web site up yet but there’s a little more about him here) and Elise M. Stefanik of Willsboro (who announced her plans back in August).

Green Party candidate and environmental activist Donald Hassig announced back in August that he’d run again, too.

But back to the Republicans, the final meeting will be held on Jan. 30 in Jefferson County, after which time a final decision will be made. Big issues potential candidates will likely be asked about, Franklin county Republican Committee Chairman Ray Scollin told the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, include gun control, jobs, the Affordable Care Act, and the economy.


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  1. I guess the real question is whether ordinary Republican voters will have a say in the process or whether GOP grand pooh-bahs will try to rig the process for their anointed candidate by pressuring the others to withdraw before the primary.

    I hate how these party committees, of both major parties, try to rig primary elections. Just a bunch of little men and women trying to influence a tiny bit of power in their tiny little fiefdoms rather than doing something productive. These politburos should stay neutral in all intra-party activities (as bodies… individual members can support who they want).

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