Elvises invade Lake George! (For annual festival)

German Elvis Oliver Steinhoff will be performing at the festival Saturday night. Photo via Facebook

German Elvis Oliver Steinhoff will be performing at the festival Saturday night. Photo via Facebook

Wow, I can’t believe it’s time already…the annual Lake George Elvis Festival has begun again. It started last night with opening ceremonies, and continues through Sunday. The Glens Falls Post-Star was at the big night; The Saratogian has more.) This year’s festival is the 11th, and it’s featuring an international set of Elvis Tribute Artists (this, or ETAs, is the preferred term): Elvises from Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Brazil, Argentina and Japan will perform, among many others.

If you’re wondering what exactly people do at an Elvis festival (other than dress up as The King, obviously): Probably the biggest parts of it are the “ELVIS: It’s International” performances, and the contest where entrants compete for more than $10,000 in prize money in categories including ’50s-’60s Professional, ’70s Professional, ’50s-’60s Non-Professional, ’70s Non-Professional and Youth. These are open enrollment contests, incidentally, so if you’re interested it may be too late for this year but next  year’s wide open!

Among the international performers is Mori Yasumasa from Japan; enjoy this clip of him performing “Suspicious Minds.”

Curious about the rules for the categories? So was I (this from the festival’s web site):

Again this year, we have split the categories in each adult division. You have your choice to enter the 50’s and 60’s category OR the 70’s category in each division. The 50’s-60’s category includes sport jacket & slacks, gold lame, black leather, speedway jackets, army uniform, etc. The 70’s category is jumpsuits only. Your music selection should reflect these categories. Keep in mind for the competition portion of this festival you cannot switch categories. You may, however, perform your 1 hour show at your venue in any costume you wish.

What else? There are also other performances, parties, food, Elvis cruises, a classic car parade, the Ultimate Elvis Wedding (come on!), and of course a collectibles sale. You’ll need tickets to attend, and the cost isn’t inconsiderable: prices range from $20 for just the Friday contest round, to $225 for a “Platinum Plus” package for the whole weekend.

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    This is getting a little old. I liked Elvis and thought he was a good singer but….

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