Canton, Ogdensburg host bone marrow donor registration next week

A Wright's-stained bone marrow aspirate smear from a patient with leukemia. Image: VashiDonsk, via Wikimedia Commons

A Wright’s-stained bone marrow aspirate smear from a patient with leukemia, a disease often treated with a bone marrow transplant. Image: VashiDonsk, via Wikimedia Commons

Every year in the United States, 9.2 million people donate blood, according to the Red Cross. Far fewer donate bone marrow, in part because it’s a lot harder.  But it is sorely needed, and next Wednesday you can register to be a bone marrow donor at locations in Canton and Ogdensburg (more info below).

14,000 people with blood cancer and other illnesses need bone marrow transplants each year. In many cases, patients can find donors within their families; but a lot turn to an unrelated donor on the national registry.

Here’s how registration works: You’ll need to be between 18 and 55. When you go in, you’ll have a simple cheek swab that takes no longer than five minutes. Once you are registered, you will be a part of Delete Blood Cancer DKMS, which is the world’s largest bone marrow donor center.

Your human leukocyte antigen (HLA), which determines whether or not you match with a patient, will then anonymously appear on the national registry. If you match with a patient at any point in the future, you will be contacted to begin the process if you wish to donate.

Donors have the option between two donation methods- a peripheral blood stem dell donation and a marrow donation. Both methods take 1-2 days to complete and your marrow will completely replenish itself within a few weeks.

The first registration time will be held Wednesday, June 25th from 9:00am-12:30pm at the Dobisky Center, 100 Riverside Drive in Ogdensburg. The second registration will also be held Wednesday, June 25th from 2:30pm-5:30pm at the Golf Lounge in the Best Western, 90 E. Main St. in Canton. To learn more about becoming a donor and registering, visit

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