North Country tea party to host Paladino

UNYTEA’s Mark Barie has been offering up the North Country tea party movement as a slightly different animal to the national tea party movement.

On occasion, he has actively distanced himself from some of the more outrageous stuff — the talk about guns, the potential for armed revolt, the racially charged language.

That kinder, gentler UNYTEA message might be blurred a bit when the group hosts a visit by Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino.

Paladino has waded into a number of controversies over the past few months, including an unsubstantiated rant in Watertown recently in which he accused Governor David Paterson of being a drug addict.

Barie embraces Paladino’s fiery rhetoric, calling him a breath of fresh air.  This from UNYTEA’s press release.

“With all due respect, Rick Lazio [also seeking the GOP nomination] impresses me as the kind of guy who would bring a knife to a gun fight”, said Barie.

The grassroots organizer added, “We area at a point in our state’s history where we need strong and independent leadership. That’s why UNYTEA is taking a closer look at Carl Paladino.”

The gathering will be Thursday, July 15th, at 7 pm in Plattsburgh.


3 Comments on “North Country tea party to host Paladino”

  1. If Clapton is God, Warren Haynes is Jesus says:

    Since I’m trying to get a feel for the leadership of the Tea Party and how it’s chosen, I have to ask the question, how did Mr. Barie get his position in the party and is it he who is embracing Paladino or the actual Tea Party? Anyone? Maybe you can clarify this for me, Brian.

  2. from buffalo says:

    Ny’s best choice is Carl Paladino. He will clean up Albany within four years. Carl is for the common people. Carl isn’t beholden to anyone. He’ll give his governor’s salary away to charity. Carl is going directly to the people. Without Carl’s development business in Buffalo we would be a lot worse off than we are. He believes in Buffalo, and NY State. I can’t think of anyone I would rather vote for than Carl. When Carl gives you his word, you can count on him to keep his word.

  3. Bret4207 says:

    UNYTEA is not the whole Tea Party. I don’t know how Barie got the post or who voted for him but he doesn’t represent ALL the local TP “members”. I use the quotation marks because the TP has no “membership”.

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