Morning Read: Will the North Country lose one of our House seats?

Politico has talked to the folks crunching the Census numbers and here’s what they conclude:

A new estimate of House reapportionment gains and losses resulting from this year’s Census reveals a larger-than-expected impact on Florida and New York. According to Washington-based Election Data Services, which reviewed new Census data from a private-sector demographic firm, Florida would gain two House seats and New York would lose two seats.
How would this affect NY-20, NY-23 and NY-24?  Probably a lot.  New York City has actually been gaining population, albeit slowly.  Upstate and the North Country have been flat, or declining.


3 Comments on “Morning Read: Will the North Country lose one of our House seats?”

  1. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Western NY has been losing population. Northern NY has been remaining about the same and some areas have even been gaining (Saratoga County and I think Warren County) but much of the rest of the country is growing faster.

    There will be changes in district size. That’s why this is such an important election, control of redistricting rides on it.

  2. Fred Goss says:

    Redistricting wont affect me much. I live in a tiny little town (Lisbon) in one corner of what I understand is the largest geographic district east of the Mississippi…

    ….after redistricting, I’ll live in a small corner of a probably still somewhat larger district.

  3. scratchy says:

    This illustrates the need to elect new people in our state legislature.

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