Tomorrow morning

Da news…

The Assembly’s environment committee will hold a hearing next week on what will happen at the DEC if Gov. Paterson’s plans to cut another 200 jobs there are implemented.  Teresa Sayward (Willsboro) is the senior Republican on the committee.  She’d like the governor to get a realistic look at the potential damages…at the same time, Paterson is only governor till the New Year, so it could be just something of a dog-and-pony show. That story is coming up on tomrrow’s 8 O’clock Hour.

Brian Mann is reporting (for NPR, too) on how rural voters swung last week…away from Democrats… to give Republicans their overwhelming tally of wins.

As I write, Karen DeWitt is chasing stories on the budget, and a meeting today between lame duck David Paterson and his successor, Andrew Cuomo. Not sure yet what  she’ll turn for tomorrow.

And in the second half of the show, Todd Moe brings a preview of “On the Town,” the great show about three sailors on the loose in 1940s New York City. It’s a collaboration between the Crane School’s theater and opera department….on stage this weekend.

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