Morning Read: Three NY groups trapped on drifting lake ice

This morning the Plattsburgh Press Republican is reporting that eight anglers were rescued from melting and broken ice on Lake Champlain Thursday.

At about 4 p.m., the Essex County 911 Center received a call that the fishermen were stranded on a section of ice surrounded by water. The eight, who were not identified but were Crown Point residents, had been fishing all day during moderate temperatures that turned their piece of ice into a drifting ice floe.

Rescue crews from Port Henry and Crown Point brought the party to safety.

Meanwhile, two men were rescued yesterday from a drifting floe on Saratoga Lake, according to the Saratogian.

Two men were helped off Saratoga Lake Thursday morning after ice melted away from the shoreline while they were ice fishing, leaving them with no way to get back to shore.

Don Mattice, 62, of Saratoga Springs, and his 46-year-old friend Darryl Lallande, of Louisiana, went ice fishing for perch on Saratoga Lake at about 7:30 Thursday morning

A day earlier, a party of eight people — including six children — had to be rescued from Oneida Lake, near Syracuse.  This from theS yracuse Post-Standard.

[Bridgeport fire chief Frank] Thompson said the group was fishing more than a half-mile from shore when a large ice floe broke off during windy conditions and started floating away.

The group’s shanty and all-terrain vehicle remained on the ice, which shifted nearly a half-mile further out during the rescue.

Thompson called the people “very, very lucky” and urged people to stay off the ice, given the warm winter weather.

This recent spate of wintry weather will convince a lot of people this weekend that the ice is in good shape — for snowmobiling, hiking, fishing — but as these stories suggest, caution is a must this year.

Hat tip to John Warren at Adirondack Almanack for pointing the In Box to the Saratogian article.

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  1. John Warren says:

    Two people were also rescued from Saratoga Lake.

  2. Pete Klein says:

    Caution is always advised when out on ice.

  3. Rick says:

    Darwinism at its finest.

  4. Keith Silliman says:

    Last weekend, there were 4 pickup trucks out on the lake where I live. I take that as a sign that it is safe for me to take my snowmobile for a spin on the lake. But it also makes me wonder– who would take a truck out on the lake? Why park next to another truck on the ice? These trucks have to retail for $25 – 30K, and if they fall through, I don’t believe the damage or recovery would is insurable.

  5. Lily says:

    This behavior contributes very nicely to natural selection.

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