New Montreal Mayor promises change

Michael Applebaum, Montreal’s new interim mayor, photographed in 2009. Photo: abdallahh, CC some rights reserved

In case you missed the news, Montreal Mayor and long-time politician Gérald Tremblay resigned suddenly on Nov 5th.

Although Tremblay departed protesting his innocence the resignation came in response to damaging allegations that collusion and bribery were commonplace under his administration.

(Much more on the subject of corruption in Quebec, particularly the work of the Charbonneau commission, can be found here.)

Because there was less than a year remaining in Tremblay’s term, it fell to Montreal’s city council to select an interim mayor.

According to CBC news, Independent City Councillor Michael Applebaum, and Union Montréal’s official candidate Richard Deschamps were the only two running for that slot by the Nov 15th deadline. Applebaum nudged out Deschamps, 31 votes to 29 in the Nov 16th vote.

Speaking on CBC’s Daybreak this morning, Applebaum outlined plans to “to stop the collusion and the corruption“.

Applebaum was only sworn in on Monday but the Globe and Mail editorial is hailing his selection, calling Applebaum an “experienced, independent, fluently bilingual councillor who has vowed to build bridges and repair the city’s shattered reputation.”


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  1. tootightmike says:

    As a tourist, I was unaware of the problems in this lovely city.

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  2. @tourpro says:

    I’m not sure that the city’s reputation is shattered. Maybe among visitors, but most locals are quite aware of the infrastructure failings due to corruption.

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