UPDATE: Remembering former North Country Rep. David Martin

This from Rep. Bill Owens (D-Plattsburgh):

“The North Country has lost a friend today with the passing of David O’Brien Martin,” said Owens.  “Mr. Martin served his country and his community with honor and distinction.  He will be missed, and my thoughts and prayers are with his family this holiday season.”

David Martin was a political fixture in the North Country before my time in the region.  He passed away on Tuesday at the age of 68.  The St. Lawrence County native grew up in the Canton area, before going off to college at Notre Dame and the Albany Law School.  He also served four years as a Marine captain in the late sixties.

His long history in politics took him from the St. Lawrence County legislature to the state Assembly and then, in 1981 he was elected to congress.  He served the region for the next twelve years, stepping down in 1993 and handing the reins to John McHugh.

Though he spent recent years outside the North Country, he dipped back into local politics occasionally, most recently with an endorsement of fellow Republican Matt Doheny.

For those of you with longer memories and deeper histories than myself, I’d be interested in any recollections or high ponts that you recall from Martin’s time in office.  As always, comments welcome.

2 Comments on “UPDATE: Remembering former North Country Rep. David Martin”

  1. Tony Hall says:

    Martin was less a Rockefeller Republican, more of a Gerry Solomon Republican. I recall a 1988 Essex County Republican dinner where he spoke, and I was surprised not only by how partisan he was, but how conservative. It caused me to question my assumption that all North Country Republicans were moderate in ideology and disposition. (I had assumed that since they didn’t have to worry about Democrats, they had no one to be angry with. Martin struck me as angry – a proto-Tea Party figure.)

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  2. Vicki Templeton says:

    OB was a lawmaker that truly believed his role as a “Representative” was to represent. He was a good friend to his district, doing everything in his power to serve his constituents. …always with a smile, a little sarcasm and a let’s get ‘er done attitude. He was a friend, a gentleman, a public servant and a great golfer! He will be missed.

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