Behind the scenes in Saranac Lake’s local shopping push

Get ready for some hard-hitting expose blog journalism.  First there’s Saranac Lake’s grassroots “shop local” push video.

Sweet, right? Gotta love those four shots of Jack and the eight ugly sweaters. But behind the scenes, we find a much darker, more chaotic world. Yes, In Box friends: get ready for the outtakes.

I’ve actually purchased two ukeleles from Ampersound, and now I see why neither of them work right. Thanks, Mark.

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  1. Barb Heller says:

    What a fantastic idea! Thanks Brian! I wish we saw more local efforts like this one – a fun way to boost our local economy, and get to know our neighbors at the same time. Now I want to shop in Saranac Lake. Happy 12 Days of Christmas!

  2. Mark Kurtz says:

    A couple people complimented me on my “singing” voice…they must be tone deaf. This video will show why I’m a photographer for NCPR…….

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